My External Hard Drive Is Running Very Slow

Smart Way to Improve External Hard Drive Performance!

External hard drives are being very popular for storing data. With this plug and play storage device, it goes very easy to put and perform operations on files as these external hard drives are easily compatible with computers and laptops. Investing money on such portable and durable storage media is really a good job since it comes with unbelievable storage capacity and you can save data up to TB. With all such benefits, there is problem that still exists and it’s nothing but performance of the drive.  Like usual computer hard drive, external hard disk could also be slow and you may experience this frustrating state time to time when retrieving, saving data on HDD. Problem is not too severe and difficult to solve if you really know about how to improve external hard drive performance.

Data management has become quite easy on computers and with the invention of external hard drive users have option to save data even after computer hard drive is full. It is one of the best storage devices that offer great storage space to save data. However, while working on computer we continue to do some common mistakes and finally come across this drastic stage. However, at start, you may not experience degraded performance of hard drive since but later you will have to suffer more. Generally, there are multiple causes that are accountable for making external hard drive slow. Accumulation of junk data like temporary files, out dated information, application files, duplicate files such as videos, pictures, movies, songs, documents etc.

Additionally when external hard drive is about to be filled and there is not much space, it could result in fragmentation of hard drive space. So if you wish to make external hard drive fast, erase junk information first. By deleting duplicate data, temp files and other unwanted data from external hard drive you can free up more space and give a boost to it’s performance. Similarly defrag the drive weekly. Do not handle it roughly. Like ejecting the drive when it is in use, using it in multiple devices and formatting it several times etc. Utilizing third party application like Remo MORE to maintain hard drive performance is really a good idea.

With Remo MORE, user gets advanced and easy to use features that have amazing potential to scan hard drive for various errors and to fix them. It is an automated procedure that can be employed on all latest versions of Windows and Mac computers to make external hard drive fast and error free. Software detects all possible issues when you launch this app to check hard drive performance and also resolves all efficiently.

Simple steps to boost external hard drive performance:

Step 1: Download this application and install it on computer. Connect your external hard drive to computer and then launch this software. From main screen click on Manage option then select Drive Statistics option.

My External Hard Drive Is Running Very Slow - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step select Drive Smart option to improve hard drive performance.

My External Hard Drive Is Running Very Slow - Select Drive Smart Option

Fig 2: Select Drive Smart Option

Step 3: At last software show status of hard drive with complete details as shown in figure 3.

My External Hard Drive Is Running Very Slow - Drive Status

Fig 3: Drive Status