How to Erase a Removable Disk

Best Tool to Delete Files from Removable Drive Permanently

Removable drives offer huge storage space to store and manage essential information. Sometimes, memory space available on computer hard disk is not sufficient to store entire personal and professional information. A removable drive is also used to store different personal information safe and sound. Use of external drive is more secure than system hard disk to store confidential data. Your computer may be used by your friends or family member who can access information on system drive easily. In that case, you can prevent unwanted access of confidential data by using removable drive. But, if you going to hand over it to other, you must want to erase all information on it. If you delete those files from the drive, is it completely secure from unauthorized access? Answer is No, one can easily recover them easily. so, how to erase a removable disk permanently?

Do not worry, here is a perfect solution of your problem. You should use the Remo MORE tool that can delete all information on drive beyond recovery. Most of the users deletes file from removable drive by simple delete key and believe that those data are removed completely. Though files after deletion are not stored on Recycle Bin or Trash on computer, still they are recoverable. Because, those files are exists in the same location on the drive. You should always such efficient file eraser utility for complete deletion of data.

Some of users are very confident about formatting to erase a removable drive completely. After formatting, all data on the removable dive become invisible and inaccessible. But, they are not really removed only file pointers are deleted from file system. Employing a recovery tool one can recover those files very easily. To prevent such illegal access, you have to overwrite that location with redundant data. If you employ Remo MORE application to erase a removable disk, it overwrites the memory space more than once. It avails different wiping method used by various Govt. and security agencies. Some of those well-known file shredding methods are Random Overwrite, Fast Zero Overwrite, US Department of Defense, Peter Guttmann method etc.

Using this application, removable disk or other flash memory spaces are overwritten by stream of bit several times to prevent recovery of sensitive data. It is equally efficient to erase files from pen drive, external hard disk or any other removable disk. It is an automated tool that performs the complete operation in simple clicks without any professional knowledge. It is also useful to permanently remove files from Recycle Bin and hard disk of computer. Employing this program, you can also wipe free disk space on the disk. In every case of wiping, you can select required shredding pattern manually depending on required level of wiping. Using this tool you can erase single file as well as complete drive at one go.

Steps to Erase a Removable Disk:

Step 1: Install this file eraser tool on your computer and connect removable drive to system. Then, launch this application and click "Manage" option on launching screen and select "Data Wipe" from here.

How to Erase a Removable Disk - Select Data Wipe

Fig 1: Select Data Wipe

Step 2: Now, select "File Eraser" option to to erase all data from on removable drive as shown in the fig 2.

How to Erase a Removable Disk - Select File Eraser

Fig 2: Select File Eraser

Step 3: Finally, add files/ folders that you want to erase permanently by using this software and click on "Erase" button as shown in fig 3.

How to Erase a Removable Disk - Select Files & Erase Option

Fig 3: Select Files & Erase Option