How to Speed up Removable Disk

Optimize & Speed up Removable Disk Performance

Removable disks are integral part used to manage huge amount of data apart from computer hard disk. In this age, available disk space on computer is not sufficient to store our entire digital information. We are enforced to use an external removable disk to store r back up our important files as a whole. With use of this disk, you may realize that performance of it is degrading continuously. If removable disk requires too much time to access any information in it or if file transfer process is become time-consuming, it is very annoying to all of us. In such situation, you must want to know how to speed up removable disk. It is a good news for you that an efficient application is ready to improve USB disk performance in some simple steps. Remo MORE application is well-known and efficient utility to increase data transfer speed by optimizing the removable disk.

There are different ways to optimize and speed up a removable drive on Windows system. Primarily, removal of junk or unnecessary data may be effective to improve its performance. If your removable drive is almost full, it will lose its performance in data transfer. Among a large collection of data, searching or accessing of file will be time consuming. In that cases, free up some memory space by removing useless information from disk. You can use this Remo more software to remove junk files, unused applications, broken shortcuts, temporary files from your external disk. Though you can remove those data manually, use of this tool will be more efficient and easy to sped up removable disk.

Another reason behind decrease performance of removable hard disk is fragmentation. During frequent reading and writing on the disk, its memory space is fragmented extremely. Due to fragmentation, you may need more time to access any information on it. You also require more time to transfer files from computer to the disk. Then, Remo MORE program will be suitable to defrag the removable disk with ease. Apart from it, you can also increase file transfer speed on removable disk by enabling Write Catching. With this option, if you safely remove the removable drive, its speed will increase significantly. To do that, connect the drive to computer and right click on it. Then, go to Properties option, visit Hardware tab and again click on Properties button. From the Policies tab, select Better Performance radio button and whenever you eject the drive use Safely Remove option.

You will find some added features to speed up removable disk using this Remo MORE software. It is designed with simple user interface and requires some simple clicks to perform this operation on removable drive. Using this utility, you can also wipe free disk space, delete duplicate data to improve removable disk performance. Apart from external hard disk, you can also employ this tool to speed up memory cards, flash drives etc. It is compatible with different operating systems to speed up removable disk or any other storage device on computer.

Few simple steps to Speed up Removable Disk:

Step 1: Connect your removable disk to computer and install this software on it. After launching this tool, choose the removable drive and click on "Analyze" button.

How to Speed up Removable Disk - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: On next screen, you can select any one option among "Quick Defragmentation" and "Deep Defragmentation" as shown in fig 2.

How to Speed up Removable Disk - Select Removable Drive

Fig 2: Select Removable Drive

Step 3: After completion of defragment operation, you will get a message as illustrated in Fig 3.

How to Speed up Removable Disk - Defragmentation Process Completed

Fig 3: Defragmentation Process Completed