How to Test External Hard Drive Performance?

Increase External Hard Drive Performance

External hard drive becomes an essential element to store and manage huge amount of data efficiently and effortlessly. It offers significant speed and performance to read/write files on it. But, performance of any storage device decreases with time. In that case also, external hard drives are not exceptional. Your newly own hard disk can provide good speed in file transfer for few days but it will decrease steadily. If it requires much time to access any information or to store data, we realize that it becomes slow. Then, you must try to fix this annoying problem by yourself. In such situation, you have to employ a third party application to test external hard drive performance and improve it when required. Though there are so many tool available on internet, Remo MORE software is the best option to speed up external hard drive after analyzing and fixing each of the issues.

Speed of external hard drive is mainly affected and decreased if the drive is almost full. You should maintain a minimum free space on the disk to obtain required speed. Technically, every external disk should have 10% of its total storage space free to offer better performance. You can make some free space on the external disk by removing the redundant files manually. You can also remove the duplicate data that occupies your precious memory space on the disk and responsible for shocking performance. To perform such operation efficiently and instantly, use of Remo MORE software will be very useful.

Fragmentation of hard disk makes the hard disk do extra effort that can make your computer slow. Hard disk is defragmented due to repeated read write operation. When you are trying to save a large sized file, it may be saved in different fragment in various locations on the hard disk. Due to fragmentation of disk, computer will take more time to read the file. In that case, defragment of hard disk is very useful to improve external hard disk performance with Remo MORE software.
You can also increase performance of external drive through the following steps manually:

If are not comfortable with this complex and lengthy process to test external hard drive performance, you need Remo MORE utility. This application is specially designed to improve external hard drive performance automatically. It is a one click maintenance tool that can fix different issues behind degradation of hard disk speed. You can make use of this effective tool to improve disk performance of several brands of external drives. It is compatible with different operating system like Windows and Mac.

Few simple steps to Improve External Hard Drive Performance:

Step 1: Download this application from internet and install it on computer. Connect your external hard disk to computer and launch this software. Next, choose the external drive and click on "Analyze" button.

How to Test External Hard Drive Performance - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On next window, you have to select one option among "Quick Defragmentation" and "Deep Defragmentation".

How to Test External Hard Drive Performance - Select External Drive

Fig 2: Select External Drive

Step 3: After finishing defragment process, you will get a confirmation message as illustrated in below figure.

How to Test External Hard Drive Performance - Defragmentation Process Completed

Fig 3: Defragmentation Completed