Remove Duplicate Files from External Hard Drive

Fastest way to delete duplicate files on external HDD!

External hard drives are really very important for saving backup of valuable data. Often computer users utilize it to store their favorite movies, songs, photos, project files and other essential documents. However, presence of duplicate files on external hard drive may bother you a lot especially when you try to identify and remove them. Here we have discussed about the best way to remove duplicate files from external hard drive, just go through this article and make your difficult job very easy.

Your external hard drive may be a sea of identical pictures, music files, documents, videos and other files. With the growth of these unnecessary data, at some point of time we start experiencing problems regarding memory space and computer performance. Once a large fraction of hard disk is taken up by duplicates files, it will stop us to save other valuable files on external HDD successfully. Furthermore, accumulation of duplicate files in an unmanaged way gives rise to the hard disk fragmentation and indirectly it extends disk visiting time. So we may have to wait for minutes to get an operation or request accomplished by OS. So, it’s important to remove duplicate files from external hard drive in order to make your computer fast.

Usually when we realize there are too many duplicate files on external hard drive that have become a headache, we generally go to that drive and then type filename or extension to get a list of all files with the entered name and file type. Again, from the list you would have to compare files then delete them. So truly speaking, this manual process of searching and deleting duplicate files will cost very longer time. Moreover, it cannot solve the problem exactly. Therefore you should prefer usage of advance technology to make this job easy and effective.

The best solution regarded by the most of computer users to get rid of duplicate files is utilization of a proficient duplicate file cleaner such as Remo MORE. It has smart drive analyzing technology that scans entire external hard drive to identify and remove identical files with same name and signature. With this tool user can remove kinds of files including photos, songs, videos, Word documents, presentations, excel sheets and many more. This is the fastest and secure way of removing duplicate files from external HDD of various brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, WD, Hitachi, Maxtor etc. With this app, you get strong file finder features to locate copies of same files in a folder and drive respectively. This tool can be utilized on all popular Mac OS X and Windows computers to delete duplicate files.

Steps to delete duplicate files on external hard drive:

Step A: Connect your external hard disk to your computer on which you have installed this software. Launch this app and click on Optimize option then from next window, select Remove Duplicates option as shown in fig 1.

Remove Duplicate Files from External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Window

Step B: Select file type and click on "Scan" option to start scanning of external hard drive for duplicate files as shown in the figure 2.

Remove Duplicate Files from External Hard Drive - Select File Type

Fig B: Select File Type

Step C: Finally software will show all duplicate files. Select Delete Permanently option to remove all duplicate files from external HDD as shown in figure 3.

Remove Duplicate Files from External Hard Drive - Select Delete Permanently Options

Fig C: Select Delete Permanently Option